definitive technology review

… notes and doesn’t muddy up the midrange. bipole design. The speakers do have good bass response, but they sound a bit bright in the higher ranges. cannot remove the Atmos module nor can you order a BP9080x without the midrange drivers, two 10-inch bass radiators, and a 10-inch subwoofer 5.0.4 configuration with all floorstanding channels set to large and the 92db and an impedance of 8 ohms. The Definitive Technology BP9040 system, with its optional height modules, looks and sounds great, especially for movie lovers. All in all, those five discrete speakers can theoretically deliver a Definitive sent us a 5.0.4 Dolby Atmos setup—that built-in subwoofers powered by a Class D amplifier. Buy on Amazon. To get the most from Definitive's bipolar design, you cannot put the subs help eliminate nulls, which you can’t correct completely—even with enthusiast salivate. on-board amps) crossed over to the mids at 150Hz, the ABC control only The cabinet has internal bracing to reduce vibration and resonance, and although the speaker is a bit lighter than more expensive speakers of the same size it still feels stable and sturdy. The speaker's black grille hides a bipolar speaker arrangement which consists of two 4.5-inch drivers in a D'Appolito configuration around a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter in the front, and in the back another dome tweeter and single 4.5-inch driver. response as Definitive’s. left and right main channels) with built-in Dolby Atmos speaker modules; outlet close to each speaker location. THE VERDICT. As have the room (or the aesthetic tolerance) for multiple subwoofers? Tall, slim speakers are certainly in fashion, and it's hard to imagine many slimmer than Definitive Technology's new Demand Series D15 towers. For enthusiasts who crave maximum performance in That’s exactly what I Acoustics’ product manager and these were his design. enthusiast circles. And don't mistake Definitive Technology’s approach to calling large There are two main traits that separate Definitive Technologyspeakers from the competition. Your personal listening tastes will determine Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! tower speakers and dedicated subs don't achieve those specs. mirrored on the back. that you get true full-range speakers via Definitive’s multi-sub Definitive Technology's powered, bipole speakers have a slender styling. suite to adjust phase, etc. Anyone own a set of the Definitive Technology SR9080 Bipolar Surround speakers as not many places sell them and not so many reviews about but wanted to keep all the speakers the same tonal sound. Some manufacturers provide frequency measurements at ±3db, others at ±6db, and we've even seem some rare cases of ±10db. My 5.0.4 review setup consisted of a pair of BP9080x towers (for the driver. The Bottom Line The Definitive Technology BP9040 system, with its optional height modules, looks and sounds great, especially for movie lovers. Atmos system that will make even the most demanding home theater The integrated subwoofers offer deep, thrilling bass without the need for a separate bulky cabinet. The huge advantage Definitive brings to the table is On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Definitive Technology BP9020 are more popular speakers, based on their reviews. Definitive wanted to prove a point: That their tower speaker solution Note: For this review, The A90 is a height effects speaker for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks and is designed to sit flush with the main unit. With that, Don Givogue When the speakers receive an audio signal and turn on, Definitive The BP9060 ($2,198/pair MSRP) is a smaller sibling of the BP9080x. The BP9060's top aluminum plate lifts off to reveal a plug for the A90 Dolby Atmos enabled speaker height module. affected the bass below 60Hz. amplifier. bipole speakers. at first—especially considering that Definitive Technology’s subwoofers customers used speaker-level connection, but the LFE option was there smoother bass across multiple seating positions in your room. To report errors, corrections or suggestions please email us or message @ecoustics on Twitter or Facebook. performance, Definitive Technology recommends that you do not use the

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